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All meeting minutes and agendas are posted and on file at City Hall.   Agendas and minutes from 2019-present are in the provided archive.  Use the request form if you would like an older meeting.

Meeting Agenda/Minutes Archive

07/16/2020City CouncilJuly 2020 City Council Meeting2020X
07/08/2020Parks CommitteeJuly Park Committee Meeting2020X
04/08/2020Parks CommitteeApril Park Committee Meeting2020XX
06/18/2020City CouncilJune 2020 City Council Meeting2020XX
05/21/2020City CouncilMay 2020 City Council Meeting2020XX
04/23/2020City CouncilApril 2020 City Council Special Meeting2020XX
03/04/2020Parks CommitteeMarch 2020 Parks and Recreation Meeting2020X
02/28/2020City CouncilFebruary 2020 City Council Special Meeting2020XX
02/20/2020City CouncilFebruary 2020 City Council Meeting2020XX
01/16/2020City CouncilJanuary 2020 City Council Meeting2020XX
02/05/2020Parks CommitteeFebruary 2020 Parks and Recreation Meeting2020XX
01/08/2020Parks CommitteeJanuary 2020 Parks Meeting2020XX
01/09/2020Water & Sewer CommitteeWater and Sewer Meeting January 9, 20202020X
01/06/2020Planning CommissionPlanning Meeting 01/06/20202020X
12/16/2019Planning CommissionPlanning Meeting 12/16/20192019XX
12/19/2019City CouncilDecember 2019 City Council Meeting2019XX
12/12/2019Water & Sewer CommitteeDecember 12, 2019 Water and Sewer Meeting2019XX
12/11/2019Parks CommitteeDecember 2019 Parks Meeting2019XX
11/21/2019City CouncilNovember 2019 City Council Meeting2019XX
11/14/2019Water & Sewer CommitteeNovember 14, 2019 Water and Sewer Meeting2019XX
11/19/2019Parks CommitteeNovember 2019 Parks and Recreation Meeting2019XX
10/17/2019City CouncilOctober 2019 City Council Meeting2019XX
10/09/2019Parks CommitteeOctober 2019 Parks Committee Meeting2019XX
09/19/2019City CouncilSeptember 2019 City Council2019XX
09/11/2019Parks CommitteeSeptember 2019 Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting2019XX
09/05/2019Planning CommissionPlanning Commission Public Hearing and Meeting September 5th, 20192019XX
09/12/2019City CouncilCity Council Special Meeting (PUD), September 12 20192019XX
08/14/2019Parks CommitteeAugust 2019 Parks Committee Meeting2019XX
08/15/2019City CouncilAugust 2019 City Council Meeting2019XX
07/31/2019Parks CommitteeJuly 2019 Parks Committee Meeting2019XX
07/18/2019City CouncilJuly 2019 Special City Council Meeting2019XX
07/18/2019City CouncilJuly 2019 City Council Meeting2019XX
06/20/2019City CouncilJune 2019 City Council Meeting2019XX
05/16/2019City CouncilMay 2019 City Council Meeting2019XX
04/18/2019City CouncilApril 2019 City Council Meeting2019XX
03/21/2019City CouncilMarch 2019 City Council Meeting2019XX
02/21/2019City CouncilFebruary 2019 City Council Meeting2019XX
02/07/2019City CouncilFebruary 2019 Special City Council Meeting2019XX
01/10/2019City CouncilJanuary 2019 City Council Meeting2019XX