Parks Committee April 15, 2024

  • Meeting of the : Parks Committee
  • Related Year: 2024
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    Parks Committee Agenda


    Old Business: 02-19-24

    1. New contact for the National Fitness Campaign
    2. The new park in the Stokenbury Farms (2.5 acres) how best does this space get utilized and should we apply for Fun Grant and National Fitness Campaign to fill the space.
    3. Stacy Plumlee has gotten quotes for redoing electrical work at bunch park but there is still a need to apply for a grant that could fund upwards of $10k to move forward with that work.
    4. Approval of new Parks Committee member Katherine Hall.
    5. Gathered contact information of committee and council members for group text and day of “roll calls”.
    6. Recommend to Mayor Reed the removal of Michael Cotton as Parks Committee member due to greater than (2) absences within a calendar year without due cause as put forward in Section 6 of the Parks and Recreation Committee Meetings Guidelines.



    New Business

    • Welcome Helen Horine and Kathy Hall to the Parks Committee
    • Ask City Council if we can apply for the Fun Grant
    • Discuss LWCF and if we can ask City Council for permission to apply.


    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Parks Committee meeting.