In Elkins, many of our residents have a variety of pets including dogs, cats, chickens, and even peacocks and the occasional donkey. As a City, we want to ensure that humans and animals cohabitate safely and humanely for all, which is why we have several ordinances and procedures related to animals in the City. 

The full set of current ordinances are available at the bottom of this page. 

Animals must be contained at all times

Animals must be leashed or otherwise contained by their owner or family member of an owner at all times. 

All dogs and cats must be licensed with the City

The first step in this process is to have your pet properly vaccinated by your veterinarian. Arkansas State law requires that cats and dogs be vaccinated annually or every 3 years (depending on vaccine used) against rabies by a licensed veterinarian.

The second step is to bring proof of vaccination, a picture of your pet, and the licensing fee to the City offices. 

You will be given a metal tag similar to the rabies tag from your vet. Both tags must be attached to your pet’s collar at all times. 

Fees are: 

  • Neutered male or spayed female $5.00
  • Intact male or female $15.00

Download our registration form here and bring by city hall, or use the online portal to register and pay online:

Online Application Portal


Lost or ‘At-Large’ pets

The Elkins Police Department has a limited-space outdoor kennel for loose or lost pets that are picked up by the city. The Police Department posts pictures of the lost animal on its Facebook page. The City’s pet registry makes it easier to reunite pet owners with their animals. The City will make an effort to identify the owners and make contact if the information is in our registry.

Lost and Found animals are posted on the City of Elkins Facebook Feed:


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