Elkins is Open for Business

Whether you are a resident looking for a local business, looking to start or establish a business, orElkins , come in we are open! opportunities to do business with our growing city, this is the place to start.

Business Directory

Browse our Business Directory to find local businesses and services.  All listed businesses are licensed with the City of Elkins

Getting Started

Looking to start a business in Elkins?  Start with our Business License – which can can print off and bring by city hall (Business License Application) or, you can apply online through our application portal:

Online Application Portal

Need some help with development and planning?  Try our Planning Department and Planning Commission sites for guidance on permits and zoning.

Elkins: A Great Place for Business

At the fork of two tributaries of the White River, Elkins is just about 10 minutes from Fayetteville. Our community has high-quality schools, appealing opportunities to start or move a business, and many amenities that make living here the preferred choice for our residents. Our town is among the largest and fastest growing in the area East of Fayetteville in NWA:

chart showing elkins population over time, 1000 residents in 1994 to 3055 in 2017