Elkins District Court

The Washington County District Court, Elkins Department ensures court procedures are done properly while respectfully serving citizens.

We have jurisdiction over traffic violations, city ordinance violations, and misdemeanor criminal offenses within the city limits of both Elkins and Goshen, extending to the county limits.

You may file a civil action or a small claim in Elkins Court.

Court Information Guide

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  • Preparing for Court
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Court Days

Arraignments are held Tuesday afternoons at 1:00pm.

Bench Trials are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 1:00 pm.

Civil & Small Claims are heard on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 1:30pm

WARNING: If you fail to appear in court as ordered, the court will issue a warrant for your arrest and your driver's license will be suspended. You can also be jailed and/or fined. For more information, comments, or questions contact us at (479) 643-4170

Note: There is no court on the 5th Tuesday of the month. Court schedule is subject to change for holidays.


Defendants are given the opportunity to respond to charges and plead Guilty to said charges or Not Guilty and are given a court date to meet with the prosecutor.

We do accept Not Guilty pleas over the phone on some offenses. If you wish to call in a Not Guilty plea, you will have to call by no later than noon on your scheduled arraignment date.

If you have been charged with a "Must-appear" Offense, you are allowed to apply for a court-appointed public defender.

Prosecutor Contact Information

If the incident occurred within Goshen City Limits or outside Elkins city limits in Washington County

Contact: Charles Duell
Washington County/ Goshen Prosecutor
Phone: (479) 871-0331 OR (479) 444-1772

If the incident occurred within the Elkins City Limits

Contact: Morgan S. Doughty
Elkins City Prosecutor
Phone: (479)751-6464
Fax: (479)751-3715

If you have any questions, contact the court @ 479-643-4170

Preparing for Court

Before you come to court, here are the things you should bring with you:

  • Proper identification (driver's license, Arkansas ID, passport)
  • Your copy of the citation
  • Appearance letter and/or court documents
  • Any receipts regarding your case (i.e., bond receipts, etc.)
  • Any documents which prove compliance with the judge's orders and/or sentencing
  • Method of payment (check or credit/debit card)
  • Do not use nicknames or an alias. Use the same spelling as listed on documents related to the case and ensure spelling on the documents is correct. If they are not, please advise the court.
  • Provide the court with your current address
  • Appropriate dress is required. No obscene slogans on clothing, hats, or cell phones. Shirt and shoes are required

Court Clerks are not allowed to give legal advice.

Anyone in need of legal advice must contact an attorney

Clerks are often asked by defendants, victims, attorneys, the news media, and other court users for advice as to how the court works. The Clerk has an important role in explaining procedures, but must be careful not to give legal advice, and is not able to recommend attorneys, process servers, etc. Giving legal advice is prohibited as the unauthorized practice of law and may subject the Clerk to criminal charges or liability.

The clerk's primary job is as keeper of the records only and he or she must remain unbiased in that position.

Making a Payment

Due Date

Fines are due in full on the day of court. If you wish to pay your ticket in lieu of going to court, you must do so before 4:15pm the day before your scheduled court date.

Types of Payment

The court accepts cash, in-state check, money orders, cashier's checks and debit/credit cards. Checks and money orders should be made payable to Elkins District Court.

If you would like a physical receipt, please enclose a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope and it will be mailed back to you. You can also include your email address with your payment and you receive your receipt to the email you provide.

Payment Options

Payments can be placed in our drop box in the envelopes provided. Be sure to write clearly and include your most up to date contact information should there be any questions on how to apply your payment. You can also include your email address with your payment to have your receipt emailed to you.

If you are not able to pay in full, you may be able to setup a payment plan with a $10 monthly fee. The minimum monthly payments are $50. See Time Payment Agreement.

Web payments can made online via the web or mobile device – 5.0% with $2.99 minimum.

Pay Online (click here)

Note: citations made via the live bilingual call center – 7.0% with $2.99 minimum.

All listed fees must be paid to the clerk at the time of filing.


Court News

Elkins District Court

Judge Terra Stephenson

Judge Stephenson sitting9845 copyJudge Terra Stephenson was born and raised in Northwest Arkansas. She graduated from the University of Arkansas with a B.A. in History and received her law degree from the University of Arkansas Law School. Judge Stephenson's career has been spent in public service, having first worked as a deputy prosecutor for Washington County.

She serves as a District Court judge with jurisdiction over traffic violations, misdemeanor violations of state law and local ordinances, and civil and small claim matters involving contracts, damage to personal property and recovery of personal property.


Chief Clerk

Mandy Reed

Court Contact Information




Mon - FRI, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Last Payment Taken @ 4:15PM

The District Court is located at 1874 Stokenbury Rd, Elkins, AR 72727 in Elkins City Hall.