City Council for April 20, 2023

  • Meeting of the : City Council
  • Related Year: 2023
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    A meeting of the Elkins City Council will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday April 20, 2023 at Elkins City Hall, 1874 Stokenbury Rd. Elkins, AR 72727


    1. A) Call to Order
    2. B) Invocation
    3. C) Pledge of Allegiance
    4. D) Roll Call
    5. E) Approval of 3/16/23 Meeting Minutes
    6. F) Committee-of-the-Whole
    7. A) Discussion of Arkansas Diamond Deferred Compensation Plan
    8. G) Department Reports
    9. H) Unfinished Business
    10. A) None
    11. I) New Business
    12. A) Approval of Fire Department Invoice – Shane Clouse Construction
    13. B) Resolution No. 2023-11 Authorize the City of Elkins to Join the Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System (APERS)
    14. C) Resolution No. 2023-12 Authorize the City of Elkins to offer Paid Individual and Family Health Benefit Coverage for Employees who reach Twelve (12) Years of Employment
    15. J) Committee Reports
    16. K) Adjourn


    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following City Council meeting.