Parks and Recreation Committee September 16, 2023

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    Parks & Recreation Committee for the City of Elkins, Arkansas 

    10/16/23  | 6 pm | Location Elkins City Hall 

    Committee Members 

    Lynn Francis | Stephanie Cowan | Laura Murphy | Michael Cotton |Attitus Maher| Anna Drake, City Council member



    6:00 pm Welcome & Call to Order 

    Roll Call

    Approval of September minutes



    Old Business 

    1. BWSA Grant has been approved by the Council
    2. The Burlesworth movie “Greater” was shown at First Friday with the parks committee being acknowledged for partnership and supporting the First Friday events
    3. A Letter of Support was provided to the Elkins’ Girl Scout troops to support the sports equipment drive with the Elkins Library
    4. New Parks Committee member has been approved by the Council – welcome Mr. Maher!


    New Business

    1. Update on the park improvements
    2. Timeline and Plan for announcing grant to the public
    3. Timeline for grant planning
    4. Next projects


    Public Input




    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Parks Committee meeting.