Water & Sewer March 9, 2023

  • Meeting of the : Water & Sewer Committee
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    Water & Sewer Meeting

    March 9, 2023

    7:00 p.m.



    Call meeting to order

    Reading of minutes February 9, 2023

    Superintendents Report- Duane Foster

    Water Office Report- Amanda Phillips

    Old Business 

    Update on Sewer Project

    Update on City of Fayetteville Water Contract

    New Business 

    New Water Manager- Taylor Carroll

    Water & Sewer Meeting


    Water & Sewer Meeting 

    March 9, 2023

    7:06 p.m.

    Members present: Chairman Jim Cope 

    Members Absent: Esmeralda Marin

    Terry Johnson

    Staff present: Duane Foster Amanda Phillips

    Taylor Carroll

    Mayor-Elect Reed


    Call meeting to order at 7pm by Chairman Cope 

    Reading/approval of minutes February 9, 2023

    Chairman Cope asked for a motion to approve or amend the Minutes of the February 2023 meeting. Committee member Johnson moved to approve the Minutes as read. Second by Committee member Ashby minutes approved as read.

    Superintendents Report- Duane Foster-

    New meters were installed Carter, Smith Van Brunt

    Updated on sewer project.

    Brothers Construction won bid at 6,944,410

    Average time to changeout a meter is 2-4 hours

    Water Office Report- Amanda Phillips 

    37 shut-off list, 5 payment plans, 7 new auto pay customers

    8 paperless billing 

    Water Operating account balance 39,279.36 still need to pay Cards, Fayetteville and Chambers accounts.

    Spring Cleanup- April 21-22

    City Yard Sale- April 14-16

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    Old Business

    Update on sewer project- Approved recommendation to approve Brothers Construction. Approved Amendment 2 Task 8 for Garver Fees

    Update on City of Fayetteville Water Contract

    New Business

    New Water Manager-Taylor Carroll

    Appointed and Swore in New Members- Angel Ashby and David Stepp

    Appointed Angel Ashby as Secretary

    There being no further business, Chairman Cope adjourned the meeting at 7:52 pm.

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    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Water & Sewer Committee meeting.