What We Do

The Board of Trustees of the Library provides leadership in performing the mission of the Library; to serve as a liaison between the Library and the City; and to ensure the Library meets the informational, educational, and recreational needs of the community.

The Library Board is responsible for Library funds, construction, and maintenance of the Library building, policies and planning, and the appointment of the Library Director. Title 13 of the Arkansas Code Annotated governs the establishment and maintenance of public libraries in cities of the first class.


Library Board Members

  • Chairperson Eve Owens (Reappt. 7/21/2022)
  • Kathie Battenfield (Reappt. 7/21/2022)
  • David Harrelson
  • Kathy Kirk (Appt. 11/21/2021)
  • Secretary Paulette Tate
  • Nan Abbiatti (Appt. 11/21/2021)
  • Washington County Library Board Member: Ruby Wells (Appt. 2022)
  • Corresponding Council Member Matt Francis

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