Parks Committee May 20 2024

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    Parks Committee Agenda


    Approval of March and April minutes


    Old Business: 04-15-24

    1. Helen Horine and Kathy Hall approved at City Council as new members of Parks and Recreation Committee
    2. The City Council approved the Committee’s request to begin the application process of the Fun Grant.



    New Business

    • The committee has started a 10-year plan for the city of Elkins’ parks which will detail suggested improvements for each park to be used in prioritizing what to put in the Fun Grant application.
    • Committee to begin researching the National Fitness Campaign and corporate sponsorship opportunities.
    • Committee to begin the application process of the Fun Grant, first milestones are to have an architect view the site and explain suggested improvements and have an official site visit scheduled by May 31st by a representative from the Arkansas Tourism department.
    • Committee to investigate applying for the Healthy Kids Initiative which could complement the Fun Grant as it would be additional funds matched up to 50% on certain playground equipment cost. Application deadline is June 28th.
    • Once results from the City of Elkins USC survey are returned, possibly leverage this feedback to continue building out 10-year parks plan.


    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Parks Committee meeting.