Parks Committee May 15, 2023

  • Meeting of the : Planning Commission
  • Related Year: 2023
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    6:00 pm Welcome & Call to Order

    Roll Call & Introductions

    Discussion of  Last Meeting Minutes (Oct 22) and update on committee

    Members – new council member rep, outreach efforts


    Old Business


    1. Public Hearing/Gather additional public input for Elkins
    2. Current status of hearing/public input?
    3. Do we have actionable data?

    b..  Next steps?.


    New Business


    1. Discussion of Possible ADA Improvements to Bunch Park –
    1. Do we have a partner from EPS for inspections?
    2. Grants target? ADA/inclusive equipment?
    3. Footprint size, prep, installation and maintenance including budget discussion for plan


    1. 2023 Suggested Work Program and Opening Budget
    1. Concession stand follow-up
    1. Next steps?
    2. Budget needs for repairs?
    1.  Bench donation/tree donations – research update
    2.  Purchase of discussion
    3. Water bottle filler/water fountain for park (priority item from survey) added to concession stand exterior?



    Public Comment


    1. Next Meeting – schedule date/location



    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Planning Commission meeting.