Parks Committee April 17, 2023

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    Elkins Parks Committee Agenda

    APRIL 17th 2023 6:00PM

    Elkins City Hall


    Call to Order


    Roll Call & Introductions


    Discussion of Last Meeting Minutes (Oct 22) and update on committee


    Members – new council member rep, outreach efforts


    Old Business


    1. Public Hearing/Gather additional public input for Elkins
    2. Current status of hearing/public input?
    3. Do we have actionable data?
    4. Next steps?


    New Business


    1. Discussion of Possible ADA Improvements to Bunch Park –
    1. Do we have a partner from EPS for inspections?
    2. Grants target? ADA/inclusive equipment?
    3. Footprint size, prep, installation and maintenance including budget discussion for plan


    1. 2023 Suggested Work Program and Opening Budget
    1. Concession stand follow-up
    1. Next steps?
    1. Budget needs for repairs?
    1. Bench donation/tree donations – research update
    1. Purchase of discussion
    1. Water bottle filler/water fountain for park (priority item from survey) added to concession    stand exterior?




    Public Comment



    1. Next Meeting – schedule date/location




    Elkins Park Committee Meeting

    Members Present: Chair Stephanie Cowan, Member Lynn Francis

    Residents Present: Laura Murphy, Michael Cotton, Paul Graham


    The meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm.


    The committee reviewed the Minutes from the Oct. 12, 2022 meeting.


    Action Items: Follow up on equipment inspections and City Council member liaison.


    Old Business:

    • Tabled discussion of improvements until an update is available from the city administration.
    • A brief discussion of honorary benches and trees. Based on research on other cities, honorary trees are complicated to implement, but benches might be a possibility to look further into.
    • Hydration Station: Further research tabled until it is determined if it could be purchased as part of the project with Beaver Watershed Alliance.


    New Business:

    • Lynn Francis motioned to recommend Laura Murphy and Michael Cotton to the Elkins City Council for membership on the Parks and Recreation Committee, which Stephanie Cowan seconded. Motion passed.
    • Lynn Francis motioned to recommend the city administration continue discussions with Beaver Watershed Alliance to partner on their recent grant award toward developing an MOA on the project, which Stephanie Cowan seconded. Motion passed.


    Lynn made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 pm.


    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Parks Committee meeting.