Water and Sewer August 11, 2022 Meeting

  • Meeting of the : Water & Sewer Committee
  • Related Year: 2022
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    Water & Sewer Meeting August 11, 2022

    7:00 p.m.


    Call meeting to order
    Reading of minutes July 14,2022
    Superintendents Report
    Water Office Report

    Old Business
    Sewer Project- Pump Station Update

    New Business
    Rate Increase


    Members Present: Chairman Jim Cope
    Mike Abbiatti
    Terry Johnson
    Mayor Bruce Ledford- ex-officio

    Members Absent: Esmerelda Marie
    Bryan Grey

    Actions per Agenda

    Call meeting to order : Chairman Cope called the meeting to order at 7:pm

    Reading Approval of minutes : Committee member Johnson moved to approve the Minutes of the last meeting as read. Motion seconded by Committee member Abbiatti. Minutes approved with no dissent,

    Superintendents Report: Duane Foster

    A. Issue: water/sewer rate increase

    B. Impact : raising water rates 1% per year; sewer rates 8.4% per year consistent with the Kopke rate study recommendations. These rates are in force until provider costs increase.

    C. An additional $1 per meter was requested as a technology upgrade maintenance/sustainability fee.

    D. Action : Committee member Johnson moved approval; Committee member Abbiatti seconded. Motion approved without dissent.

    E. Issue : Health Dept. New connections issue has been resolved through recommendation for upgrading pump capacity.

    F. Impact: Elkins may move forward with expansion of the water/sewer plant.

    G. Action: No action was requested from the Committee

    Water Office Report: Amanda Phillips

    A. Issue: Service shut offs increased slightly

    B. Impact: Shut off of water/sewer service appears to be stabilized

    C. Action: No Committee action was requested

    Old Business

    Sewer Project- Pump Station Update

    New Business

    Rate Increase Approved with the addition of a Technology Upgrade/Sustainability fee of $1 per meter to support the deployment of new digital/wireless meters.

    Adjournment : No further business was requested. The meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm

    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Water & Sewer Committee meeting.