October 2019 Parks Committee Meeting

  • Meeting of the : Parks Committee
  • Related Year: 2019
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    1. Call to Order
    2. Roll Call
    3. Approval of Minutes from 9/11/19
    4. Old Business
      • General committee questions
      • Work day
    5. New Business
      • election of chair person
      • election of new members
      • Park Maintenance
      • other ideas
    6. Adjourn


    1.       Lindsay Watt called meeting to order at 6:35 pm

    2.       Roll call was done and those present included: committee member Emily Kingsbury, committee member Lynn Francis, committee member Amber Widdowson, and committee member LaNae Taylor, committee member Stephanie Cowan, city council representative Lindsay Watt. Also in attendance was committee applicant, George Torres.

    3.       Minutes were approved with an amendment from the 9/11/19 meeting.

    4.       OLD BUSINESS:

    a.       Discussed general questions that remain

    i.      Water Fountain Issue

    b.      Set work day in March or April

    i.      Involve Beaver Watershed Alliance & Keep AR Beautiful Organization (Lindsay has connections to both and will look into this)

    ii.      Master Gardeners (Lynne will make contact with them)

    iii.      Partner with other local groups, perhaps 4H, Cub Scouts, AP Biology

    5.       New Business:

    a.       Lynn Francis was unanimously chosen as the new chairperson for the committee, to begin immediately.

    b.      George Torres submitted his application to fill the open vacancy as a new committee member.

    c.       Park maintenance needed

    i.      park bench (concrete) near the pavilion

    ii.      involve Police Chief to keep eye on things

    iii.      create and put a park input form on the new city website

    d.      Other ideas to consider

    i.      Possibly look into putting in playground equipment at ballfield

    ii.      Build relationship with schools for sharing facilities

    iii.      Look into grants for more lighting at Bunch park

    a.       Types of lighting?

    b.      Plant trees

    c      Community gardens

    d.       Similar to an adopt a highway program

    e.      Grant assistance from outside source

    6.       Meeting Adjourned

    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Parks Committee meeting.