RESOLUTION 2020-13: Rate Study Water and Sewer

CITY OF ELKINS, WASHINGTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS A RESOLUTION APPROVING THE RATE STUDY FOR THE WATER AND SEWER DEPARTMENT OF THE CITY OF ELKINSĀ  WHEREAS, the water and sewer infrastructure of the City of Elkins is need of rehabilitation and expansion … Read More

ORDINANCE 03-17-2011N – Water/Sewer Rates (2011)

AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ELKINS MUNICIPAL CODE TITLE 10, CHAPTER 10.08, SECTION 10.08.02 WATER RATES AND SECTION 10- 08.03 SEWER RATES. WHEREAS, questions have been raised and confusion may exist in the minds of some utility customers of the City concerning … Read More

ORDINANCE 03-03-2011H – Water/Sewer Impact Fees

AN ORDINANCE TO ENACT LOCAL DEVELOPMENT WATER AND WASTEWATER IMPACT FEES AND AMEND THE ELKINS MUNICIPAL CODE. WHEREAS, the City of Elkins, Arkansas, has contracted with the City of Fayetteville for Fayetteville to provide fresh potable water to the City … Read More