ORDINANCE NO. 11-19-20A – Final Plat, O’Reilly Addition

CITY OF ELKINS, WASHINGTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS AN ORDINANCE APPROVING FINAL PLAT OF O’REILLY ADDITION TO THE CITY OF ELKINS  WHEREAS, the Elkins Planning Commission, has ascertained that the final plat submitted for the O‘Reilly Addition to the City of Elkins should … Read More

ORDINANCE NO. 07-16-2020: Use of Masks

AN ORDINANCE REGARDING THE USE OF MASKS IN THE CITY OF ELKINS IN RELATION TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC.  WHEREAS, an outbreak of COVID–19 (coronavirus) has resulted in an ongoing global pandemic; and  WHEREAS, on June 18, 2020, Executive Order 20–37 … Read More