Planning Meeting 11/16/2020

  • Meeting of the : Planning Commission
  • Related Year: 2020
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    Call to order

    Approval of 11/02/2020 Planning Meeting minutes

    Old Business


    New Business

    1. O’Reillys Subdivision Final plat
    2. Lot Split request 2125 N Center (Gospel tracts)
    3. Lot Split request Bray road (Kendall and Hollie Haire)


    Meeting called to order by Chairman Troy Reed
    Member present Troy Reed, Mary Cope, Preston Griffith, Jerry Barnett, Via Telecommunication David Harrellson

    Preston Griffith made a motion to approve minutes from 11/02/2020 Planning meeting, Second by Mary Cope, all in favor

    Old business


    New Business

    1) OReilly’s 1 lot sub division request presented by Courtney McNair
    Motion to approve made by David Harrellson, second by Mary Cope, all in favor.
    2) Lot split request for 2125 N Center Presented by Cortney Mabry, Motion made to approve by Mary Cope, second by Preston Griffith, all in favor.


    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Planning Commission meeting.