November 2019 Parks and Recreation Meeting

  • Meeting of the : Parks Committee
  • Related Year: 2019
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    6:30 pm, 11/19/2019

    • Welcome & Call to Order
      • Roll Call
      • Approval of Minutes from 10/9/19 Meeting
    • Old Business
      A. Clarifications from the Mayor
      B. Prospective Grants
      C. Spring Work Day
    • New Business
      A. December Meeting Date/Time
      B. Park Maintenance Schedule
      C. Yearly “State of the Parks” Report
      D. Formation of Committees?
    • Committee Reports – None
    • Announcements/Discussion
    • Adjournment


    1. Lynn Francis called meeting to order at 6:35 pm 
    2. Roll call was done and those present included: committee member Emily Kingsbury, committee member Lynn Francis, committee member George Torres, and committee member Stephanie Cowan.   City council representative Lindsay Watt arrived mid-meeting. 
    3. Minutes were approved from the 10/9/19 meeting.
      1. Clarifications from Mayor
        1. Water Fountain Issue – talk to other park committees for ideas on preventing vandalism.
        2. Create maintenance plan outlining & prioritizing needs and who will be responsible i.e. facilities/structure repairs and upkeep such as concession stand, pavillion, and stage vs basic recurring maint such as mowing, garbage, general groundskeeping. 
        3. Mayor would like to see a privacy fence between church and park.
      2. Prospective grants
        1. Look for lighting grants to prevent vandalism, try for solar to tie in an environmental aspect to the grant search.
        2. look for future funding on proposed improvements, sidewalks to connect library, community center, & park.
        3. Stephanie will be adding possible grant opportunities to Google drive 
      3. Spring work day
        1. Selected and approved 2 dates: March 14, 2020 and April 4, 2020 as a backup.
        2. Proposed work day title “Beautify Bunch Park”.  Need to create flyers, set up facebook event, & make connections for donations and helpers.
        3. Do we need a waiver for work day participants?
        4. George will contact St. Paul FFA for help with stage project for work day.  George may also have a lumber connection.
        5. Could we provide recognition for donors of supplies?


    1. New Business:
      1. Date for next meeting set for December 11, 2019 6:30 at Elkins Public Library Community Room.
      2. Park Maintenance Schedule
        1. Stage electrical needs attention – city will have to address.
        2. Stage needs a ramp – project for “Beautify Bunch Park” day.
        3. Lynn will work on Maintenance Plan including what has been done so far.
      3. Yearly “State of the Parks” Rport
        1. Lynn will send drafts of maint plan including what has been done so far.
      4. Formation of Committees
        1. Who’s good at what?  If it interests you, go for it.
      5. Set up survey on google docs/facebook 
        1. Come up with questions for community to choose what they’re looking for in their park improvements
    2. Meeting Adjourned 
    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Parks Committee meeting.