November 14, 2019 Water and Sewer Meeting

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    November 14, 2019 Elkins Water & Sewer Meeting 

    A regular meeting of the Elkins Water & Sewer committee was called to order by Mayor Bruce Ledford on Thursday November 14th, 2019 at the Elkins Administration Building. 

    Present: Brian Gray, Member Keith Wood, Member Darrell Glenn, Mayor Bruce Ledford, Water Sewer Superintendent Duane Foster, & Stacy Plumlee. 

    Absent: Member Lloyd Stith 

    Mayor Bruce Ledford had each of the committee members read the minutes independently. The minutes read were from the regular meeting held September 12th, 2019 

    Motion was made by Keith to accept the minutes, 2nd by Darrell. All were in favor motion carried. 

    Duane went over his monthly report. General discussion followed. Duane talked about the workings with Garver. 

    Chris Buntin-Garver: 

    Mr. Buntin went over the preliminary engineering. All survey work has been completed. We have had a lot of wet data and also good dry data. Chris went over wet lands area that will need addressed. General discussion followed. 

    Core of Engineers will have some requirements that will be discussed. Chris went over data that he put together. Oakwoods where the flow meter is is showing where a lot of the I & I is coming from. They will be moving that meter some to try to pinpoint where it is coming from. General discussion followed. Rainfall totals have been record breaking. We have had over 50″ of rain since March of this year. General discussion followed. We have had over 8 million gallon flow for month through pump station. Chris explained to committee all graphs and information that has been collected and reported. 

    July & August good dry weather data was collected to give a baseline of flows. General discussion followed. 

    During dry weather peak ran around 94 gallon per minute, but during wet weather peak, we were running over 800 gallons per minute. General discussion followed 

    Focus need to be on old part of town to pinpoint and fix where the l&l is coming from

    Mayor Ledford asked about overflows and getting them notified. General discussion followed. 

    Mayor thanked Chris for all the data and hard work he has put in so far. 

    Mr. Harry Wilks: Mr. Wilks went over his company information and what all they do. 

    They are the 2nd largest meter company. General discussion followed. He talked about how the meters are put together and how they run. General discussion followed. We have two meters in ground as test meters. After 30 days he will come out & extract data. General discussion followed. Meters are guaranteed for 20 years, the price per meter is $110.11. General discussion followed. He went over what comes with each meter. General discussion followed. 

    Mayor Ledford thanked Mr. Wilks for all his information and presentation. 

    Purchase of New Truck: Mayor addressed the need of a new truck for the Water Department. General discussion followed. 

    Motion was made by Keith to adjourn, 2nd by Brian. All were in favor. Motion carried 

    Meeting adjourned @ 8:50

    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Water & Sewer Committee meeting.