Library Board of Trustees Meeting, Tuesday, May 18, 2021

  • Meeting of the : Library Board of Trustees
  • Related Year: 2021
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    I. Call to Order
    II. Approval of Minutes
    III. Reports
    A. City Council – Matt Francis
    B. Friends of the Library – Linda Maple
    C. Elkins Public Library

    IV. Old Business
    A. Children’s Librarian Position
    B. Opening of the Library
    C. Building Repairs

    V. New Business

    VI. Announcements

    VII. Next Meeting Date

    VIII. Adjournment


    The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Board President Eve Owens.

    Also present were members Kathie Battenfield, Jacque Faubus, David Harrelson, MaryJo Smith, and Paulette Tate, City Council Member Matt Francis, and Friends of the Library President, Linda Maple.


    After the addition of one item in New Business, the agenda was adopted unanimously – motion by MaryJo Smith and seconded by Jacque Faubus:

    Approval of Minutes

    The Minutes from the meeting on April 6, 2021 were approved unanimously following a motion to approve by MaryJo Smith and a second by Kathie Battenfield.

    The Minutes from the meeting on April 20, 2021 were approved unanimously following a motion to approve by Jacque Faubus and a second by MaryJo Smith.


    City Council: Matt Francis stated there had City Council meeting since the last Library Board Meeting. The next City Council meeting will be this Thursday at City Hall. It will include a budget session. The clean-up was well attended. The Book Sale is on the City page..

    Friends of the Library: Linda Maple said that we have at least a million books for the sale, which is scheduled for May 26-29, at the Elkins Community Center. Lots of people have volunteered – we have only one slot left to fill. Friends can renew their memberships at this time, and any fund raiser ideas are most welcome

    Elkins Public Library

    Financials: We are coming in at 30% expended. We are below where we need to be on book ordering Statistics: Checkouts are rising. Ebooks are going down slightly because people are starting to come in person. We’re not quite back to normal on computers. Most procedures are getting back to normal. Programming: Programming is on the disappointing side – we will put this on hold for a couple of months. Summer reading starts June 15.

    Grants: We are working with the Robotics Club on the history project. Robotics is doing well – will work with the Tinker Squad during the summer and will offer streaming. We have another grant due. Thursday, through the State, IMLS minimum of $30,000 due in June.
    Community Questions and Answers: There were questions and fairly lengthy discussion about the budget – City’s portion, Reserve, In-kind contributions,

    Old Business
    Reopening Update: The Library reopened April 26. We started slow, but are increasing. We will be slowly increasing in-person programming.

    Water Bill Update: The Water and Sewer Committee met last week, but we were notion the agenda. We will try to get on the next agenda – the 2nd Thursday at 7 pm.

    Children’s Librarian: We have a temporary employee in place; we received 7 applicants, 2 of which looked like good possibilities.

    New Business
    Strategic Planning: We need to start working on a strategic plan. We need to look at growth patterns and potential funding options for the next ten years. The State will work with us on requirements, new laws, etc..

    Elkins Community Network,, as a 501.c.3 organization for community businesses and organizations:
    Eve is planning to start a chapter here of the Crochet Guild of America.

    Next Meeting Date: The next meeting will be July 20, 2021 at 6 pm,
    Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Jacque Faubus at 7:20 pm, seconded by Kathie Battenfield, approved unanimously.

    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Library Board of Trustees meeting.