Library Board Meeting 11/4/2021

  • Meeting of the : Library Board of Trustees
  • Related Year: 2021
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    1. Call to Order

    2. Adopt the Agenda

    3. Approval Minutes

       A. July 27, 2021

    4. Reports

    A. City Council Update – Matt Francis

    B. Friends of the Library – Linda Maple

    C. Washington County Library Board Update – Susan Unger

    D. Elkins Public Library 

        A. Financials

        B. Statistics

        C. Programming

        D. Grants

    5. Old Business

    A. Building Maintenance

    B. Children’s Librarian

    6. New Business

    A. 2022 Budget

    B. Reading Glasses Drive

    C. New Board Members

    D. Director Review

    E. Officer Elections

    7. Announcements

    A. Set Next Meeting Date




    ELKINS PUBLIC LIBRARY Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

    Thursday November 4, 2021

    The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Board President Eve Owens. Also present were members Kathie Battenfield, David Harrelson, Kathy Kirk and Paulette Tate, and City Council Member Matt Francis.

    Adopt the Agenda: Motion was made by Kathie Battenfield and seconded by David Harrelson to adopt the agenda as presented. Passed unanimously.

    Approval of Minutes: Motion was made by David Harrelson and seconded by Kathie Battenfield to approve the Minutes of the meeting on July 27, 2021, Passed unanimously.


    City Council Update: Matt Francis stated they just received the budgets this week. A budget workshop will be up for discussion at the next meeting.

    Friends of the Library: Linda Maple was unable to attend. Audra reported that the book sale brought in $674. They have not had a meeting lately. Possible idea for a craft workshop – decorating ornaments, maybe around the second week of December

    Washington County Library Board Update: A memo from Susan Unger was distributed. The Washington County Library Board passed the 2022 budget which included $141,918 for the Elkins Public Library (approximately 15% increase).

    Elkins Public Library

    Financials: We should have approximately 83% expended; we have expended around 75%. Audra spending some expenses in advance:

    Statistics: Usage is steadily increasing. E-Resource usage is leveling out. Door count is pretty steady

    Programming: We had the Book Bash last weekend – the last day of the book sale. Turnout was great! The Bake Sale alone brought in $234. We want to do this again. Second Chance Thrift Shop donated $1,604 to the Library. All together, over $2,500 was brought in.

    Grants: Grant funds finally came through. Audra has applied for a couple of grants – one for building maintenance. There will be another after the first of the year.

    Old Business

    Building Maintenance: Invoices are in the packet. Invoice for inside work that has been completed, and for outside work that has yet to be completed.

    Children’s Librarian: Amber Turnbough has been hired as the Children’s Librarian. So far she has exceeded expectations.

    New Business

    2022 Budget: The proposed 2022 Library Budget was distributed and discussed. A motion was made by Kathie Battenfield and seconded by Paulette Tate to submit the budget as proposed. Passed unanimously.

    Reading Glasses Drive: A flyer was distributed with information on a drive to collect reading glasses for the homeless. There is a box in the Library to collect reading glasses.

    New Board Members Kathy Kirk and Nan Abbiatti have applied: The Mayor and City Council have to approve the applications. The earliest that could happen would be the 18th

    Director Review: The yearly review for the Library Director, Audra Bell, was discussed. The review resulted in an overall rating of Exceeds Expectations.

    Officer Elections: Eve Owens, President and Paulette Tate, Secretary were re elected by unanimous vote.


    Motion was made by David Harrelson and seconded by Kathie Battenfield to reimburse Audra $53.00 for expenditures for the Book Bash.

    City Council Meeting on November 18 at City Hall. Holiday Expo scheduled for November 20. This will include a Health Fair.

    VIII. Next Meeting Date: The next meeting will be Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 6 pm at the


    Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Kathie Battenfield at 8:45 pm, seconded by David

    Harrelson, approved unanimously.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Paulette Tate, Secretary

    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Library Board of Trustees meeting.