February 2020 Parks and Recreation Meeting

  • Meeting of the : Parks Committee
  • Related Year: 2020
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    2/5/2020 | 6:30 pm | Location  Elkins Public Library Community room

    Committee Members

    Lynn Francis, Chairperson | Emily Kingsbury | | Stephanie Cowan | LaNae Taylor | George Torres |Lindsay Watt, City Council Representative



    6:30 pm Welcome & Call to Order
    Roll Call
    Approval of Minutes from 12/11/19 Meeting
    Old Business

    A.     Spring Work Day

    a.       Volunteer Update

    b.      Donation Update

    c.       Project List

    B.      Work Day Grant Applications

    C.     Park Maintenance Updates

    New Business

    A.     March Meeting Date/Time

    B.      Member Vacancy

    Committee Reports – None


    Members present: Lynn Francis, George Torres, Stephanie Cowan

    Also present: Linda Smith, non-resident visitor, Danielle Dozer, Levi Dozer resident guests

    1. Lynn Francis 6:43 Meeting Called the meeting to order 
    2. Roll call

    Members present: Lynn Francis, George Torres, Stephanie Cowan

    Also present: Linda Smith, non-resident visitor, Danielle Dozer, Levi Dozer resident guests

    1. Minutes from the previous meeting were shared. Stephanie Cowan moved to accept the minutes as published, George Torres seconded the motion. The motion to accept the minutes as published was approved by the committee unanimously.
    2. Old Business:
    1. Spring Work Day – March 14, 2020 8-12 Lunch break 1-4
      1. Volunteer update:   4H, Leos Club, Elkins FFA, St Paul FFA, BSA 

    Linda is taking sign up to Lion’s Club meeting, Local Girl Scouts may participate

      1.  Donation update – 200 string backpacks from ARCA (Stephanie)

     food/water to feed 150 with donations from Sam’s, Harp’s, Arvest grill & charcoal (George) – Stephanie will contact Little Debbie about a donation.

      1. Project list: plant any trees purchased or donated, clean volleyball court, weeding, repaint tennis & basketball courts, paint old gazebo, sign  (?) concession stand, repair/replace ramp to stage, stairs to stage, repaint stage, stain wood on picnic tables. Discussion of materials and supplies needed were discussed. Lynn will work on a task list. 

    Discussion about specific tasks being assigned to groups with consideration of ages of volunteers as well as number of volunteers needed for individual tasks.  A list of tasks for groups already volunteering was discussed. The committee discussed projects planned for the workday that require city maintenance or other repairs prior to the workday. The committee discussed the urgency of a timeline for prerequisite tasks being completed since the workday is 38 days away at this date. 


    1.  Work Day Grant Applications – Lynn shared Home Depot Grant $5000 community grant application. Lynn has begun writing on the grant and shared copies with the committee. Stephanie and Danielle will work with her via the shared document. Discussion of how Elkins park can connect with the focus of the grant – veterans – was discussed. Stephanie will collect whatever demographic data may be available regarding the number of veterans in Elkins, Washington County and Madison County. Actions to involve veterans in the implementation of the grant, if funded, were also discussed. 

    The committee brainstormed ways to survey the community to collect input for future changes, events, etc. The committee agreed collecting survey data at the workday sign in was one way to survey stakeholders who show immediate investment in the park. Other methods to survey stakeholders were discussed including a FB page link, link from Elkins city website, in person flyers/surveys at events, qr links on posters, etc. 


    1. Park Maintenance Updates – repairs needed include stage roof repair and pavilion repairs. George will meet with Keith Wood next week to review repairs needed. Linda Smith Linda brought up repairs needed on the interior of the concession stand – specifically the sink cabinet that is water damaged. Linda said the leak continues but when her group uses the stand they manually shut off the water to the sink to stop the leaking. The leak would need to be repaired before a new cabinet could be installed. Stephanie said her husband might be able to help with the cabinet. 


    1. New Business
    1. March meeting 03/04/2020 6:30 pm CST at the Elkins Library Community room
    2. Member Vacancy: Lynn will provide Danielle the forms needed for committee membership
    1. Committee Reports – None

    7, Announcements/Discussion – None

    Motion to adjourn was made at 7:43 pm by Stephanie. George seconded the motion. Committee moved to adjourn. 


    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Parks Committee meeting.