January 2020 Parks Meeting

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    6:30 pm Welcome & Call to Order
    Roll Call
    Approval of Minutes from 12/11/19 Meeting
    Old Business

    A.     Spring Work Day

    B.      Work Day Grant Applications

    C.     Park Maintenance Plan

    New Business

    A.     February Meeting Date/Time

    B.      Grant Selection/Prioritization

    Committee Reports – None



    Parks & Recreation Committee for the City of Elkins, Arkansas

    1/8/2020 | 6:30 pm | Meeting Held at Elkins Library’s Community Room


    1. Lynn Francis called the meeting to order at 6:39 pm 
    2. Roll call was done and those present included: committee chairperson Lynn Francis, committee member Emily Kingsbury, committee member George Torres, committee member Stephanie Cowan, non-resident visitor Linda Smith, and City council representative Lindsay Watt. 
    3. Minutes were approved from the 12/11/19 meeting.
      1. Spring work day, Beautify Bunch Park
        1. March 14, 2020 8:00-12:00 lunch 1:00-4:00
        2. Lynn spoke with Mayor – city agreed to get money for supplies – paint, lumber for ramps/stairs, mulch, brushes/rollers, stain for tables.
        3. Lynn will ask Mayor about city mulch and trees.  Can we remove cabling and plant trees along that boundary instead?
        4. Keep AR Beautiful will provide trash bags, gloves, t-shirts, & banners.
        5. George donations:
          1. Trying to get steel for roof donated by Kevin Wood of Elite Steel Erectors
          2. Will ask Crossfit people about mulch, Sam’s Club mgr Josh donation, & Home Depot
          3. Harps $50 gift card donated
          4. Arvest grill
          5. Elkins Community Bldg will loan out coolers
        6. Lindsay donations:
          1. Will ask Lowes, Academy, Westwood Gardens
          2. Elkins Co-op will participate with a donation
        7. Donation possibilities: Aldi, Ozark Natural Foods, Whole Foods
        8. Try to get JD DeMotte to oversee electrical work on pavilion – consolidate outlets to be more usable.
        9. Labor  pledges so far:
          1. Eagle Scouts
          2. George spoke with Steven Fein, EHS vice principal, and he pledged athletes to help.  Other teachers also pledged their organizations – need to provide flyers & release forms.
        10. Lindsay to create Information Flyer.  
        11. Lynn will create sign up with time slots, List of what we need v. what has already been donated
        12. Need to create Thank you note form for donations and volunteer groups.
        13. City maint will power wash the week before, tables as well.
        14. NEEDS/WISHES:
          1. Volleyball net, clean sand in volleyball court.
          2. Mural on back of stage.
          3. Stain wood on picnic tables
          4. Lighting – Talk to Ozarks Electric about current lighting setup & how to reconfigure for future lighting expansion
      2. Work Day Grant App
        1. Home Depot $5000 opens February 1
        2. Walmart Community Grant – Stephanie & Lynn
        3. Arkansas Heritage opens March 1
        4. State Parks Dept – Outdoor FUN Grant $75,000
          1. Fitness Uniting Neighbors
        5. Library Board is interested in working towards sidewalk grants to connect areas
      3. Park Maintenance Plan
        1. City Maint – power wash stage, tables.  They will also be building fence behind RV parking.
        2. Benches in disrepair
        3. What should we do now at work day and what should be held off for later
      1. Date for next meeting set for February 5, 2020 6:30 at Elkins Public Library Community Room..
      2. Grant Selection/Prioritization
        1. See Old Business item b.
      3. Other discussions
        1. George – interested in renting concession stand and hosting something monthly such as First Friday/Saturday or movies in the park.  Lynn has commitment for licensing.
        2. George also would like to hold Easter in the Park.  Possible 3 on 3 basketball tournament for city.
      4. George spoke to Midland – they are not interested in sponsoring a sign for the park.
      5. Ask Gayla at City of Elkins about setting up a Park Fund account to accommodate any monetary donations from the public.
    6. Meeting Adjourned 
    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Parks Committee meeting.