Elkins Public Library Board Meeting Dec. 13, 2021

  • Meeting of the : Library Board of Trustees
  • Related Year: 2022
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    Elkins Library Board of Directors
    Agenda for Budget Review Session
    December 13, 2021


    1. Call to Order
    2. Adopt the Agenda
    • Reports
    1. Year to Date Budget
    2. Old Business
    3. Budget Review
    4. Historical Review
    5. Librarian Salaries
    6. County Q & A
    7. Announcements
    8. Adjournment


    ELKINS PUBLIC LIBRARY Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes 

    Monday, December 13, 2021 

    The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm by Board President Eve Owens. Also present were members Nan Abbiatti, Kathie Battenfield, David Harrelson, Kathy Kirk and Paulette Tate, City Council Member Matt Francis, Washington County Library System Director, and several community members.

    Adopt the Agenda: Motion was made by David Harrelson and seconded by Kathie Battenfield to adopt the agenda as presented. Passed unanimously. 


    Year-to-Date Budget: We should have 92% expended; we have expended approximately 85%. Insurance may not be as high as expected. The outside motion sensor lights are not working. The sensor may be out.

    Old Business 

    Budget Review: The 2021 and 2022 budget comparison was discussed. Audra will be traveling to Portland for training, paid for by IMLS: 

    Historical Review: A comparison of budgets for the Elkins Public Library for 2009 through 2021 was included in the packet, along with Funding Distributions for all area Libraries for 2014 through 2020. 

    Librarian Salaries: Proposed salaries for 2022 were attached and discussed. The proposal for a 5% increase plus the 3% COLA increase for Audra was passed unanimously.

    County Q & A: Several questions were asked and answered by Glenda Audrain, regarding county regulations and procedures. Questions were also asked of the Board by community members that were present. All questions were answered to everyone’s satisfaction.


    Reminder that the next meeting of the Library Board is scheduled for January 18, 2022 at 6:00 pm 

    Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Kathie Battenfield at 8:05 pm, seconded by David Harrelson, approved unanimously.

    Respectfully submitted

    Paulette Tate, Secretary 

    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Library Board of Trustees meeting.