December 2019 Parks Meeting

  • Meeting of the : Parks Committee
  • Related Year: 2019
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    6:30 pm Welcome & Call to Order
    Roll Call
    Approval of Minutes from 11/19/19 Meeting
    Old Business

    A.     Spring Work Day

    B.      Park Maintenance Plan

    C.     Annual Committee Report

    New Business

    A.     January Meeting Date/Time

    B.      Grant Selection/Prioritization

    Committee Reports – None


    1. Lynn Francis called meeting to order at 6:43 pm
    2. Roll call was done and those present included: committee chairperson Lynn Francis, committee member Emily Kingsbury, committee member George Torres, and committee member LaNae Taylor, committee member Amber Widdowson, and City council representative Lindsay Watt.
    3. Minutes were approved with an amendment from the 11/19/19 meeting.
      1. Spring work day, Beautify Bunch Park
    1. Date chosen March 14, 2020
    2. Lynn to meet with Mayor to get on agenda and discuss what improvements need to be left up to the maint dept vs. what things can be addressed on the work day.
    • Beaver Watershed Alliance will not be offering native tree program this year.
    1. Lindsay will make contact with Keep AR Beautiful
    2. Discussed ideas for things to be done on work day:
      1. Substrate under swings needs attention
      2. Lower swings
      3. Tennis court – paint boundaries, does it get used, possibly change to 2nd basketball court
      4. Concession stand window – city maint
      5. Stage – replace stairs with ramp
    3. Community resources that have been contacted:
      1. Eagle Scouts will help with stage construction – George Torres
      2. Paul FFA will also help with construction & look for sponsors for materials, Keith Wood – George Torres
      3. Arvest grill
    • Need Bunch Park sign with work day credit listed on opposite side.
      1. See if Midland would be interested in going in on sign together with credit to them
      2. Discuss sign art
      1. Park Maintenance Plan
    1. City Maint – picnic tables, new fridge/freezer for concession stand, replaced cracked window, ADA compliant tables, privacy fence along west border behind campers – get bid from 5H
    2. Structural safety of existing pavillion – contact JD DeMotte for recommendations.
      1. Annual Committee Report
    1. Mission statement will go on Parks page on city website.
      1. Date for next meeting set for January 8, 2020 6:30 at Elkins Public Library Community Room.
      2. Mission statement approved.
      3. Grant Selection/Prioritization
    1. Grant spreadsheet on shared Google Drive
    2. Arkansas Parks grant tied to population. Needs to be completed prior to census.
    • Look for grant for adventure course equip – does parks grants.
    1. Mayor submitted grant for new pavillion – follow up periodically for progress.
    2. Home Depot has $5000 rolling grants.
    3. Maybe grant tie-in with Senior Center.
      1. Other discussions
    1. Moving park entrance to community center side of park.
    2. New Bunch Park sign
    • Community Survey – mail out info with water bill, QR code and link that can be found on city website.
    1. Meeting Adjourned
    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Parks Committee meeting.