December 12, 2019 Water and Sewer Meeting

  • Meeting of the : Water & Sewer Committee
  • Related Year: 2019
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    Call meeting to order 

    Reading of minutes 

    Superintendents Report 

    Old Business 

    General Discussion 

    New Business 

    Election of Officers

    Discussion of rates with City of Fayetteville


    A regular meeting of the Elkins Water & Sewer committee was called to order by Chairman Brian Gray on Thursday December 12th, 2019 at the Elkins Administration Building.

    Present: Brian Gray, Member Keith Wood, Member Darrell Glenn, Mayor Bruce Ledford, and member Lloyd Stith

    Absent: Water/Sewer Superintendent Duane Foster

    Chairman Brian Gray had each of the committee members read the minutes independently. The minutes read were from the regular meeting held November 14th, 2019.

    Motion was made by Keith to accept the minutes, 2nd by Darrell. All were in favor motion carried.

    General Discussion:

    Bruce updated committee of the use of jetter they have been using. It is working great. They are working on old part of town. They have moved sewer monitors as Mr. Buntin suggested. They are finding that most of the issues are coming from old side of town. General discussion followed.

    Duane had a discussion with Raush Coleman on what they need to do with the meter boxes before we set meters. If they do not do that, Duane said they would start charging them big if we had to do it. General discussion followed.

    Mayor Ledford introduced Ronald Naef as the newest member of the Water/Sewer Committee.

    Election of Officers: 

    Bruce asked for the committee to vote on members. Brian is going to remain the Chairman Keith Wood will be the Vice-Chairman, Michelle Plumlee with remain the recorder.

    Discussion of rates with the City of Fayetteville: 

    Bruce spoke to committee of who we need to get to go meet with Fayetteville to discuss our sewer contract and try to negotiate a new contract. Bruce suggested Mr. Buntin with Garver & our city attorney Tom Kieklak. General discussion followed. Lloyd suggested Ms. Sarah Bunch as well. General discussion followed.

    Bruce thanked the committee members for their time they put in to come to meetings.

    Motion was made by Keith to adjourn, 2nd by Lloyd. All were in favor. Motion carried.

    Meeting adjourned @ 8:21

    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Water & Sewer Committee meeting.