RESOLUTION 2019-08 – Community Grant Program

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Related Year:| 2019 |

Ordinance #: 2019-08

Arkansas Rural Community Grant Program Resolution #2019-8

Be it resolved by the City Council of Elkins, State of Arkansas a resolution entitled: A Resolution to approve the Mayor of the City of Elkins to apply for an Arkansas Rural Community Grant for constructing a pavilion at the city park.

A Resolution authorizing the Mayor of Elkins to apply for a grant on behalf of the City of Elkins.

Whereas, the Elkins City Council has determined that the City of Elkins meets eligibility requirements necessary to apply for a grant under the Arkansas Rural Community Grant Programs, and

Whereas, the Elkins Community has presented plans to construct a pavilion; and

Whereas, the City Council of Elkins recognizes the need for the project, concurs its importance, and supports the Elkins Community in its efforts to proceed with the same, and

Whereas, the City of Elkins has furnished proof that they have raised $72.358.00 through community cash and/or in-kind donations to be applied to the project as a local match;

Therefore, be it resolved that the City Council of Elkins hereby appropriates a sum of $72.358.00 to complete the local match money requirement for the project described herein;

Be it further resolved, that the Mayor of Elkins is hereby authorized to submit an application of formal request to the Arkansas Rural Development Commission for purpose of securing state grant funds in the amount of up to $15.000.00 to aid and assist the Elkins Community in executing the proposed project described herein and that the Mayor or Recorder/Treasurer of Elkins is further authorized to administer the grant funds for the same project.