ORDINANCE 03-17-2011A – Grants Committee

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Ordinance #: 03-17-2011A


WHEREAS, it is the intent and desire of the City Council for Elkins, Arkansas to amend the Grants committee Ordinance;

WHEREAS, the City Council desires the participation and input of a diverse crosssection of Elkins’ residents and friends to help in the process;

WHEREAS, the City Council desires to increase the number of members on the grants committee to increase their capacity to carry out the purposes of the committee;


Section 1: There is hereby created an advisory committee which shall be known as the “Elkins Grants Committee”. Such shall have the duties and be made up as hereinafter provided and shall perform such services for the City of Elkins, City departments and Committees and the City Council as may be hereinafter or hereafter set forth and specified.

Section 2: These shall be the duties of the Elkins Grants Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Grants Committee):

a) Research, investigate, evaluate, recommend and write grant applications for available grants as may be authorized by the City Council; b) Research, investigate and develop a system to identify requests and needs of the City, its departments and committees which might be aided by grant funds; c) Prepare a program or system by which information about available grants is available to the City, its Departments and Committees; d) Investigate all state/federal programs for assistance and funding which appears to match up with a need or request of the City, on one of the City Departments or Committees; e) Investigate and locate private grants or other financial assistance for use in carrying out the above duties;

f) Develop programs to write grant applications as directed/authorized by the City Council; g) Adopt such rules and regulations as are necessary for the conduct of business at their meetings; h) Coordinate city-wide grant information, writing, applications and other matters related to grants. 1) Recommend to the Council the holding of public hearings or otherwise solicit public input on plans and proposals as may be prudent; and, J) Perform such other duties and conduct such other activities in connection with grants as the Council shall from time to time provide.

Section 3: A. Composition, Compensation:

1) The Grants Committee shall be composed of six (6) members, appointed by the City Council. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment by the City Council. An ex-officio member of the Grants Committee shall be a current member of the Elkins City Council. Each member of the Grants Committee (other than initial members and the ex-officio members) shall serve a term office (5) years; provided, the term of the Grants Committee ex-officio member who is the representative from the City Council shall automatically terminate should that ex-officio member no longer be a member of the Elkins City Council.

2) All members of the Grants Committee shall be residents of the City ofElkins and shall serve without compensation.

3) The terms of the initial members of the Grants Committee shall be as follows: three (3) members shall be appointed for four (4) years and one (1) member shall be appointed for three (3) years; and one (1) member shall be appointed for two (2) years; and one (1) member shall be appointed for one (1) year; as each of the initial members of the Grants Committee end their initial appointment term, their successors shall be appointed for five (5) year terms, which shall eventually provide for approximately one-fifth of the Grants Committee to have their terms expire each year. The successor appointed to fill the initial appointment term of the six (6) initial members shall be appointed to serve out their initial appointment term.

B. Meetings of the Grants Committee and Responsibilities:

1) The Grants Committee shall meet at least monthly. The Grants Committee shall determine the dates for each monthly meeting either by setting it at a specific place and on a particular day of the month and time of day each month or at each Grants Committee meeting they shall then and there select and announce the date, place and time for the next meeting; however, should the Grants Committee choose to select the time and date for the monthly meetings on a monthly basis, the Grants Committee shall post, in five (5) public places, a notice, at least fifteen ( 15) days before the next monthly meeting of the place, date and time for the next scheduled meeting.

2) The Grants Committee shall advise and recommend to the City Council and the Mayor on all aspects of grants concerning the City. Annually, the Grants Committee shall develop a suggested program and operating budget to be submitted to the Council by the second Thursday of November in each year for the subsequent year. The Grants Committee may also recommend priorities for expenditures and means for financing same and shall prepare an annual progress report on the Committees’ efforts of the current year.

Section 4: Ordinance No. 03-05-2009A is hereby repealed, all appointments to the committee pursuant to Ordinance No. 03-05-2009A are specifically approved, ratified and confirmed to the terms as appointed.

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