Water & Sewer Meeting May 13, 2021

  • Meeting of the : Water & Sewer Committee
  • Related Year: 2021
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    1. Call meeting to order
    2. Reading of minutes
    3. Superintendents Report
    Old Business
    General Discussion
    New Business
    Chris Buntin Information discussion Bonds & moving forward
    Future Highway discussion
    City of Fayetteville-Draft contract


    May 13, 2021 Elkins Water & Sewer Meeting
    1. A regular meeting of the Elkins Water & Şewer committee was called to order by Chairman Brian Gray on Thursday May 13th, 2021 at the Elkins Administration Building.
    Present Chairman Brian Gray, Member Darrel Glenn, Member Mike Abbiatti, Member Jim Cope & Water & Sewer Superintendent Duane Foster, Mayor Bruce Ledford & Matt Francis from the planning committee
    2. Brian had each of the committee members read the minutes independently. The minutes read were from the regular meeting held April 8th, 2021.
    Motion was made by Mike to accept the minutes, and by Jim. All were in favor motion carried.
    3. Duane Foster updated committee on what has been going on. Duane discussed taps were complete & sewer main done by old water office. It is being renovated to be a rental property. General discussion followed. Duane talked about the tap for Ste-C of Superstop and the 23 units being worked up to go where the old Ladybug Floral was before tornado.

    4. General discussion followed. Shut-offs have been down but not as well as we expected. General discussion followed. Duane stated that they are finding between 1st Street & First Station#1 an issue on some manholes. General discussion followed.

    5A. Chris Buntin:
    Mr. Buntin had previous engagement but sent some information for committee. General discussion followed.
    5b. City of Fayetteville Draft Review:
    There has not been an increase in several years. Asking committee to review & discuss. There will be a 3% increase yearly, but we are still getting to keep the 85% of consumption deal as we have had in place. General discussion followed. Once Fayetteville is done with the rate study, we are encouraged to get copies.

    Meeting adjourned @ 7:30

    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Water & Sewer Committee meeting.