Planning Meeting 8/2/2021

  • Meeting of the : Planning Commission
  • Related Year: 2021
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    Planning agenda 8/02/2021

    Call to order

    Approval of minutes from 7/19/2021 Public hearing and planning meeting

    Old Business


    New Business

    Proposed Town houses 2590 N Center


    Planning minutes 8/02/2021

    Meeting called to order by Chairman Troy Reed

    Members present Troy reed, Jamie Smith, David Harrelson, Bo Mabry

    Jamie Smith made motion to approve minutes from the 7/19/2021 planning meeting, second by David Harrelson, All in favor

    Old Business


    New Business

    Proposed Townhouses at 2590 N. Center,

    Discussion about lack of handicapped parking spaces, all raised curb needs to indicate fire lane by painting curb red and markings, 10’ side path. Courtney McNair with Garver had also had a list of terms after reviewing plan.


    Raised curb area to be painted red with Fire Lane markings

    Outside lighting may need to be changed

    ADA parking spot to be added

    Curb on West side of building 5 to be modified for a ADA compliant ramp for access.

    David Harrelson made a motion to approve, second by Bo Mabry, All in favor.


    Update from Parks committee Elk fest coming up Saturday, Movie in the park Saturday evening

    Fence Ordinance Troy Reed to email sample ordinances

    Proposed changes to noise ordinance discussion, Different types of construction need to be considered.

    Reminder of joint committee workshop September 2 nd at 7 Pm at Elkins Community Center



    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Planning Commission meeting.