Planning Meeting 12/16/2019

  • Meeting of the : Planning Commission
  • Related Year: 2019
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    Old Business

    New Business

    • Request for approval of Preliminary plat For Phase 2 of Stokenbury Farms by Rausch Coleman.


    Meeting Called to order by Chairman Chris Smiley at 7:01 PM

    Members present: Chris Smiley, David Harrellson, Preston Griffith, Jerry Barnett

    Motion made to approve minutes of 10/07/2019 Planning meeting by Preston Griffith, Second by David Harrellson, All in favor.

    No Old Business

    New Business

    Request for approval of Preliminary plat For Phase 2 of Stokenbury Farms by Rausch Coleman.

    Juliet Richey with Garver representing the City of Elkins made presentation with a list of 25 suggested conditions of approval.

    Public comments:

    1) Ron Naef had a question of timeline for both highway 16 entrances to be completed, Jesse Fulcher replied that both entrances would be completed during phase 1.

    2) Barbara King had questions concerning the design of drainage along south side of project where it meets her property and Mr Couch’s property, Taylor Lindsey with Crafton Tull explained proposed drainage  for the area that would bring the water back onto the property owned for the project and discharge it to the proposed  drainage system and existing ditch along highway 16.

    3) Jerry Barnett had questions about traffic study findings, Private study shows possible need for right hand turn lane from the North, ARDOT said this was not allowed at this time.

    4) Lynn Francis had questions about proposed park area design and size of pavillion, Jesse Fulcher gave details and size of pavilion to be 20’x20′. Mr DeMotte stated the city would be cost sharing to install sewer and water taps to park at time of construction.

    5) Preston Griffith voiced concerns of potential of silt or other debris getting into Richland creek drainage during construction, and wanted assurance that extra measures would be taken to ensure it would be protected. Tom Kieklak discussed that the it is unclear who actually owns the drainage area, and that the city is currently working to determine ownership of Richland creek drainage ditch.

    David Harrelllson Made a motion to approve Preliminary plat with 25 conditions listed and add the request by Preston Griffith to take extra measures to protect Richland creek drainage area, Second by Preston Griffith.

    Chairman Chris Smiley called for Vote:

    Chris Smiley aye

    Preston Griffith aye

    David Harrellson aye

    Jerry Barnett Naye

    Motion carries 3 to1

    Jerry Barnett stated his Naye was due to traffic concerns.

    Adjourn 7:45



    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following Planning Commission meeting.