City Council April 2022 Meeting

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    A meeting of the Elkins City Council will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday April 21, 2022
    at Elkins City Hall, 1874 Stokenbury Rd. Elkins, AR 72727


    A) Call to Order

    B) Invocation

    C) Pledge of Allegiance

    D) Roll Call

    E) Approval of 03/17/22 Meeting Minutes

    F) Committee-of-the-Whole

    • A) Anna Lloyd – Sports Complex
    • B) Free City-Wide Yard Sale Thursday 04/21/22- Saturday 04/23/22
    • C) City Wide Clean-Up Friday 04/29/22- Saturday 04/30/22
    • D) Sign-up Sheet – City Wide Clean-Up – Friday 04/29/22 – Saturday 04/30/22

    G) Department Reports

    H) Unfinished Business

    • A) None

    I) New Business

    • A) Washington County Library Board Appointment – Ruby Wells

    J) Adjourn


    City of Elkins, Arkansas City Council Meeting 

    TIME: DATE: PLACE7:00 p.m. April 21, 2022 Elkins City Hall, Elkins, Arkansas 

    PresentMayor Bruce Ledford, Council Member Eric McGill, Council Member Matt Francis, Council Member Lindsay Watt, Council Member Mary Cope, Council Member Chris Smiley, and City Attorney Tom Kięklak 

    A) Mayor Bruce Ledford called a City Council Meeting of the City of Elkins at 7:00 p.m

    B) Chris Smiley led the invocation

    C) Council Member Lindsay Watt led the Pledge of Allegiance. 

    D) City Clerk, Delia Foster, took roll: Council Member Eric McGill, Council Member Lindsay Watt, Council Member Matt Francis, Council Member Mary Cope, and Council Member Chris Smiley were present. Council Member Jeff Plumlee was absent

    E) Approval of Minutes

    Approval of March 17, 2022 City Council Meeting Minutes: 

    Council Member Francis made a motion to approve the City Council Meeting Minutes of March 17 2022. Council Member Smiley seconded the motion. Roll Call: (5/0) Motion Carried 

    F) Committee-of-the-Whole: 

    A) Sports Complex: 

    Coaches Anna Drake and Freemon Hafen addressed the Council regarding issues of the sports complex (usage and access of fields/condition of fields, scoreboards, etc...) A handout was provided to the Council for review

    Cathy Battenfield recommended prosecuting those who vandalize city property (parks/ballfields)

    Paul Graham told the Council and Mayor not to punish good kids for deeds of a few bad kids, and to let Coaches open/close ballfields and bear responsibility

    Mayor Ledford, along with Council Members, suggested that a committee be formed to address issues. Mayor Ledford confirmed cameras are being installed. The City will work with the community to do what needs to be done. 

    B) Free City Wide Yard SaleThursday, 4/21/22 Saturday, 4/23/22

    CCity Wide CleanUp Friday, 04/29/22 Saturday, 4/30/22 (8AM4PM) 

    G) Department Reports: 

    Chief Bryan Watts Police Audra Bell Library Alexis Ward Courts Mayor Ledford read report for Fire Department Gayla Ştahman Administration Duane Foster Water, Sewer, Streets 

    H) Unfinished Business

    A) None 

    I) New Business 

    A) Washington County Library Board Appointment: 

    Council Member Francis made a motion to approve the appointment of Ruby Wells to the Library Board. Council Member Cope seconded the motion. Roll Call: (570) Motion Carried 

    J) AdjournCouncil Member Francis made a motion to adjourn at 7:41 p.m. Council Member Smiley seconded the motion. A voice vote was called and all voted aye, the issue passed unanimously


    Mayor Bruce Ledford 

    City Clerk, Delia Foster

    Note: Meeting minutes are posted after approval at following City Council meeting.