ORDINANCE 10-19-2017 – Yard Sales

AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND TITLE 4:  BUSINESS LICENSES AND REGULATIONS, OF THE ELKINS MUNICIPAL CODE BY ADDING CHAPTER 4.22:  GARAGE/YARD SALES WHEREAS, the City Administration has received numerous complaints from citizens regarding ongoing yard/garage sales in residential areas of the City; … Read More

ORDINANCE 04-21-2016 – Door to Door Salesmen (Amendment)

AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ELKINS ORDINANCE NO. 03-21-2013B, REGULATING SALES OR SOLICITATION AT PRIVATE RESIDENCES. WHEREAS, Ordinance No. 03-21-2013B established a process by which residents of the City of Elkins can obtain “No Soliciting/No Peddling” decals to preserve the peace and … Read More

ORDINANCE 03-21-2013B – Door to Door Sales

AN ORDINANCE TO REGULATE DOOR TO DOOR SALES OR SOLICITATION AT PRIVATE RESIDENCES IN THE CITY OF ELKINS AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. WHEREAS, the City Council finds that residents of the City have an inalienable interest in their personal safety, … Read More