RESOLUTION 2009-23: Library Construction

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Ordinance #: 2009-23

WHEREAS, with the approval of this Council, the library representatives, in concert with the architects, have prepared plans and specifications for the addition to and renovation of the ElkinsPublic Library Building seeking bids therefor

WHEREAS, Heckathorn Construction Company has been identified as the lowest responsible bidder and agreed to work with the architect and the representatives of the library to prepare the total cost figures downward

WHEREAS, the City Council of Elkins, Arkansas, has this date been presented with an Document A 101 which is a standard form agreement between the City of Elkins as Owner and Heckathorn Construction Company as Contractor for the construction of such addition to and renovation of the library building

WHEREAS, the City Council desires to enter into such contract with Heckathorn Construction Company to secure for the City and its citizens the benefits thereof

WHEREAS. the architects have approved the contractor. and recommended and fully approve the attached agreement to build the improvements

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF ELKINSARKANSAS, that after due deliberation and consideration of the attached documents for the construction of an addition to and renovation of the library building, at a cost of $480,620.00, the Council has determined that the interests of the City. its residents and occupants will be best served by accepting and entering into said agreement with Heckathorn Construction Companyfor the aforesaid price, plus any Council approved change orders

The Mayor and RecorderTreasurer should be and hereby are authorized to execute and deliver to the Contractor and/or our architects the original of the documents (and securing a signed duplicate for the City), and to take all steps necessary to secure the benefits of such agreement for the City

The Mayor and RecorderTreasurer are also hereby authorized to pay the Cityobligations under the agreement from the funds of the City of Elkins library Fund and the associated loan proceeds 

Passed and Approved this day of , 2009


SUNNY LEDFORD, RecorderTreasurer