Ordinance 2021-04: Re-Zoning Application of 2590 N. Center Street from Commercial C-1 to Residential R-4.

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Ordinance #: 2021-04

  1. Name of the record title holder of property and intended grantees if the property is subject to contract, sale or title is to be conveyed. Cummings Arkansas Properties, Linda Dingledine; Randall Cannon. Property is under contract to Gerlt Ventures and/or assigned) 
  1.  Zoning classification requested for property R4 High Density Residential 
  2. The reason for the zoning request, the intended use of the property and the Effect of property changes on surrounding land uses moving from C1 Light Commercial to multifamily to allow for similar use as surrounding propertie
  1. Layman’s description of the property vacant L7acre lot off Hwy 16 with existing slab from previous structure 
  2. Accurate legal description a part of the NE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 27. Township 16 North, Range 29 Wes
  3. A scaled drawing of the property see attached 
  4.  Names & addresses of adjacent property owner’s see attached 
  5. Why the proposed changes will not conflict with surrounding land use Proposed change will allow land to be utilized in the same way as surrounding properties 


Chair or secretary‘s Signature 


Recorded Treasurer