ORDINANCE 04-18-2013 – Additional Duties of Office Manager

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Ordinance #: 04-18-2013


WHEREAS, Ordinance No. 12-06-2007A set the annual salary of the Recorder/Treasurer of the City at $2,500.00 per year and assigned duties and responsibilities in accordance with Arkansas law;

WHEREAS, Ordinance 12-06-2007B and/or Ordinance 12-20-2007 A created the position of Office Manager and assigned duties and responsibilities for such position to be an assistant to and deputy of the Recorder-Treasurer;

WHEREAS, the duties and responsibilities of the Recorder-Treasurer are codified at EMC Chapter 2.28, Section 2.28.03 and the duties and responsibilities of the Office Manager are codified at EMC Chapter 2.30, Section 2.30.03;

WHEREAS, A.C.A. § 14-59-115 authorizes the Council to assign specific duties of the Recorder-Treasurer to another employee of the City when requested to do so by the Recorder-Treasurer; and,

WHEREAS, the duly elected, qualified and acting Recorder-Treasurer has requested that certain specific duties under EMC Chapter 2.28, Section 2.28.03 be assigned to the Office Manager.


Section I: At the request of the Recorder-Treasurer and pursuant to the authority of A.C.A. § 14-59-115, the Council hereby assigns the following duties to be performed by the Office Manager as part of her otherwise assigned duties:

a) maintain all the laws, ordinances, resolutions and official records and documents of the City and its actions; b) maintain a regular and correct journal of the proceedings of the City Council; c) submit at least quarterly, a full report and detailed statement of the financial condition of the City, showing receipts, disbursements and the balance on  hand, together with all liabilities of the City; this report shall be submitted to the City Council in open session;

d) to cause to be prepared and published the financial condition reports of the City as required by law; e) be responsible for the official seal of the City; f) countersign checks on municipal bank accounts (in addition to others prescribed by ordinance or resolution of the Council); g) be responsible for receiving, filing and maintaining (as required by law) the Code of Ethics statements from elected (appointed) City Officials including the Mayor, Council persons, Recorder/Treasurer, City Attorney, and District Judge; h) be responsible for maintaining regular and correct journal of the proceedings of the Fireman’s Pension Board; i) prepare and maintain complete and correct minutes of all meetings of the City Council and Fireman’s Pension Board, and distribute those to members of the Council, the Board, the Mayor and the press/media as appropriate; j) prepare and distribute copies of the Council meeting agenda to Council members, Mayor, City Attorney and press/media; k) record ordinances or documents as required, at Washington County Courthouse; I) handle investment of monetary reserves of the City; m) prepare and publish all official notices for bids, public hearings, ordinances, elections (call/results), proclamations, etc.; n) prepare and present to the City Council (periodically, as required by the City Council) reports showing actual receipts and expenditures compared to budgeted receipts and expenditures in order to promote sound fiscal control; o) prepare and distribute to City Department Heads annual budget request fonns; p) regularly complete accurate and timely issuance of City payroll; and, q) insure accurate and timely payment of statements, bills and invoices.

Section 2: Pursuant to A.C.A § 14-42-107 nothing herein shall be construed to intermingle duties, responsibilities, salary, wages or benefits of a person who may, while holding the elective office ofRecorder-Treasurer, also serve as an employee of the City.

PASSED AND APPROVED this 16th day of May, 2013

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