The City of Elkins, Arkansas is glad you are here. Make yourself at home and enjoy the natural beauty of the ozarks. The two tributaries of the White River that flow through town are excellent for canoeing, fishing and swimming. Elkins is the welcome mat to the Ozark National Forest and the Ozark Highland Trail.

We’re a small Ozark Mountain city with great heritage. Many of the families have been here for generations, and there are 100+ year-old antebellum homes. The one-lane Elkins Bridge over the historic White River on Mt. Olive Road was a centerpiece of the classic movie “The Blue and The Gray”. The bridge is one of the original concrete bridges constructed in the country.

The new city of Elkins is a thriving community of young professional families who work in neighboring cities and play in the natural beauty of Elkins. Eastern Washington County is to the east of the city and the historic university city of Fayetteville is to the west. Elkins is the entrance to the historic “Pig Trail” where fans of the past made pilgrimmages from central Arkansas to see the Razorbacks compete for national glory.

So drive the streets and view the past as it mingles with the future in one of the fastest-growing areas of the country.