WHEREAS, the City of Elkins has long been plagued with I & I problems in regard to its water and sewer system;

WHEREAS, the inflow and infiltration into the City sewer system costs the residents as that water has to be treated by the City of Fayetteville and the metering of all water going through the pump station increases the treatment costs to the City that in turn is passed on to water and sewer users;

WHEREAS, many problems have been detected and repaired in years past, there is need now to locate the areas with the greatest I & I and develop plans to make necessary repairs;

WHEREAS, such detection requires operation of specialized equipment and that a plan be devised to isolate the affected areas;

WHEREAS, the specialized equipment is very expensive, the time and personnel required to devise and carry out the plan exceeds the capability of City staff especially during the times of the year when the testing must be accomplished;

WHEREAS, the City Council of Elkins desires to obtain the services ofRJN GROUP, Inc. to conduct a survey of the Elkins' sanitary sewer system as the next step in reducing and eliminating the I & I problem;

WHEREAS, RJN GROUP, Inc. has the training, equipment, skill and' experience to perform these services for the City and has worked on the Fayetteville side of the system and has been selected and recommended by the Water and Sewer Committee as the preferred vendor of these services;

WHEREAS, the City Council desires to start this process as soon as possible. because of the favorable weather season.


Section 1: The attached contract for perfonning a sanitary sewer evaluation survey with RJN GROUP, Inc. in the amount of$26,675.00 is hereby approved and ratified.

Section 2: Based upon the recommendation of the Water and Sewer Committee, RJN GROUP, Inc. 's experience with the Fayetteville Sewer System, the limited number of vendors of these services and the weather season being right now, competitive bidding for these services is waived.

Section 3: That the Mayor and Recorder-Treasurer are authorized to take such steps as are necessary to execute the originals of the contract as attached hereto on behalf of the City obtaining for the citizens of Elkins the services of RJN GROUP, Inc. in performing the sanitary sewer evaluation survey and to make payment as provided for therein from identified funds of the Water and Sewer Department.

APPROVED this 15 day of March, 2012.