WHEREAS, the City Council of Elkins desires to obtain the benefits of four new cars for use by the Elkins Police Department along with associated equipment such as light bars as detailed on Exhibit A hereto.

WHEREAS, the cars will be obtained from McKinney Dodge/Dodge City at State Bid Office prices and the equipment to complete the vehicles is specialized equipment with a limited number of vendor options, see Exhibit A hereto regarding the specialized equipment and prices therefor. WHEREAS, the City Council desires to obtain a loan from Chamber's Bank to pay for the four vehicles and associated equipment which loan will be collateralized by title retention and a UCC filing.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ELKINS, ARKANSAS, THAT: 1. That the Mayor and Recorder-Treasurer are hereby directed and authorized to contact Chamber's Bank and begin the process to obtain a loan in the amount of approximately $96,300.00 at an interest rate not to exceed seven percent (7%) for a five year period, with the first payment coming due on said loan one year from the date of such loan the first payment of approximately $26,000.00 will be due late spring of2010 and the next four years the payments will be due in the same amount. 2. That competitive bidding on the four vehicles at State Bid Office prices and on the specialized equipment to finish out the three (3) police cars is hereby waived, and acquisition of the vehicles and equipment at the prices set forth of Exhibit A hereto is expressly approved.

3. That the Mayor and Chief of Police are hereby authorized to place an order of the four vehicles and equipment as shown on Exhibit A hereto. 4. That Mayor and Recorder/Treasurer are authorized to take such steps as are necessary to execute such documentation as is necessary to begin the process of obtaining for the citizens of Elkins a loan from Chamber's Bank to purchase the four police cars and specialized equipment described at Exhibit A.

APPROVED this 18th day of December 2008.