WHEREAS, on June 21, 2007, the Planning Department Administrator notified Dee W. King, the owner of two (2) houses at 164 and 170 West I st Street that the Council would begin steps to condemn the properties at its meeting to be held July 19, 2007. WHEREAS, on December 6, 2007, the Planning Department Administrator again notified Dee W. King that the condemnation, razing and removal of those two (2) houses would be considered by the Council at its meeting on December 20, 2007. WHEREAS, both notices generated telephone calls by Dee W. King, and promises, the structures were not torn down until 2008. WHEREAS, since the houses were razed by Mr. King he has been requested to remove the debris numerous times to eliminate the existing harborage for vermin, collection of rain water and dangerous condition of demolition material s. WHEREAS, Dee W. King has removed only a slight amount of the demolition materials and the dangerous condition continues to exist and worsen with time.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED BY THE ELKINS' CITY Council That: I. The Planning Department Administrator is hereby charged as follows: a) notify Dee W. King in writing that he has twenty (20) days to remove in its entirety, the demolition debris existing at 164 and 170 West I 51 Street, Elkins; b) to further notify Mr. King and provide him a copy of Chapter 5.04 of the EMC, that his failure to comply will result in the Mayor authorizing City employees or a contractor to remove such unsanitary and dangerous condition promptly as provided by in said Chapter. 2. That the Planning Department Administrator shall prepare specifications and request bids to have this work accomplished if Dee W. King fails to comply with the above notice. 3. That the Planning Department Administrator shall take such other steps as required under Chapter 5.04 to perfect a lien to protect the City in the event Dee W. King fails to comply with the notice mentioned above.

PASSED AND APPROVED this 5th day of June, 2008.

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