Ordinance 041813

AN ORDINANCE AMENDING EMC CHAPTER 2.30, SECTION 2.30.03 AND EMC CHAPTER 2.28, SECTION 2.28.03 AND OTHER MATTERS RELATED THERETO. WHEREAS, Ordinance No. 12-06-2007 A set the annual salary of the RecorderTreasurer of the City at $2,500.00 per year and assigned duties and responsibilities in accordance with Arkansas law; WHEREAS, Ordinance 12-06-2007B and/or Ordinance 12-20-2007 A created the position of Office…
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Ordinance 032113B

AN ORDINANCE TO REGULATE DOOR TO DOOR SALES OR SOLICITATION AT PRIVATE RESIDENCES IN THE CITY OF ELKINS AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. WHEREAS, the City Council finds that residents of the City have an inalienable interest in their personal safety, well-being, and privacy in their residences, as well as their ability to provide or receive information regarding matters of personal…
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Ordinance 032113A

AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCES 4-1-2004 AND 2-17-2005B (EMC CHAPTER 10.20) WHICH CREATED AND ESTABLISHED THE ELKINS WATER AND SEWER COMMITTEE WHEREAS, Ordinance 4-1-2004 was passed to create a Water and Sewer Committee to operate and manage the waterworks and distribution system of the City of Elkins, Arkansas, pursuant to ACA §14-234-302 and following (as amended); WHEREAS, that Water and Sewer…
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