City of Elkins Hiring

The City of Elkins is hiring a full time Street Department Employee

Requirements of the Position

The Street Department Employee position is an employee position whose duties are supervised by the Mayor. This position is responsible for maintenance of existing streets, sidewalks and associated equipment in the City of Elkins.

  • Repair and maintenance of streets, sidewalks and roadways in the City of Elkins.
  • Maintain and keep street equipment and vehicles in good working order.
  • Assist the Mayor, Water and Sewer Superintendent and Planning Leader in developing a maintenance program for the streets of Elkins.
  • Keep roadways free of debris that might contribute to accidents.       This includes tire treads, animals, metal, wood and other debris.
  • With the assistance of the Water and Sewer Superintendent remove ice and snow that may accumulate on city streets and cause hazardous driving conditions.
  • Mow street right of ways and remove debris from drainage ditches.
  • Install new and repair old street signs.
  • Assist the Police Department and Fire Department in traffic control as needed during emergencies and natural disasters.
  • Be aware of and remain current on regulations that pertain to street maintenance and traffic control.
  • Responsible for maintaining facility conditions, which may include but not limited to operation of equipment such as tractors, mowers, and groomers.
  • Any other assigned duties required by the Mayor.

Minimum of graduation from high school or equivalent, Possession of a valid driver’s license. CDL preferred but not required. Salary based on experience.

You may apply at the City of Elkins, 1874 Stokenbury Road, Elkins, AR 72727, or fax resume/applications to 479-643-3368. Please contact City of Elkins if you have any questions 479-643-3400. Applications will be accepted through June 12, 2018.

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