Minutes - March 4, 2010

City of Elkins, Arkansas City Council Meeting

TIME: 7:00 p.m.

DATE: March 4, 2010

PLACE: Elkins City Administration Building, Elkins, Arkansas

Present: Mayor Jack Ladyman, Alderman Lloyd Stith, Alderman Bruce Ledford, Alderman Terri Miller, Alderman Jeremy Stevens, Alderman Bonnie Wilcox, Attorney Danny Wright and Recorder/Treasurer Sunny Ledford.

1. Mayor Jack Ladyman called a City Council Meeting of the City of Elkins at 7:00 p.m.

2. Mayor Ladyman led the invocation.

3. Fire Chief JD Demotte led the Pledge of Allegiance.

4. Recorderffreasurer Sunny Ledford called roll: Alderman Terri Miller, Alderman Jeremy Stevens, Alderman Lloyd Stith, Alderman Bonnie Wilcox and Alderman Bruce Ledford were present. Alderman Duane Foster was not present.

5. Approval of 2/18/2010 minutes- Alderman Stevens made a motion to approve.

Alderman Miller seconded. Roll Call: (5/0) Motion Carried. 6. Unfinished Business- Drainage Pipe on Harris Drive-Alderman Ledford made a motion to spend up to $20,foo.oo but the work must be completed within three months. If not, council will come back and have it contracted starting 7/1. One box and four aerial drains are to be used in the repairs. Alderman Stith seconded the motion. Roll Call: (5/0) Motion Carried.

7. New Business- Paving of Brandi Drive- Alderman Ledford made a motion to go ahead with option two at $3940.00 and waive bidding. Alderman Stevens seconded. Roll Call: (5/0) Motion Carried.

8. Committee-of-the-Whole Citizens Comments

a. Doctor wants to come to Elkins and meet her commitment to the city from previous program. Mayor is asking and committed to her to research grants.

b. Much discussion about what is considered a city street/road.

c. $10,000.00 grant awarded to parks.

d. Mayor Ladyman is meeting a representative from the Northwest Arkansas Naturals about Elkins Community Night at Arvest Ballpark.

e. On March 20th, a bikers association is having an awards ceremony for kids. They need volunteers to help serve, cook and clean up. Start dinner at 10 am and ceremony starts at 6pm.

9. Alderman Wilcox made a motion to adjourn. Alderman Stevens seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 8:45.