Agenda - May 17, 2012

Public Hearing for Abandonment of Sewer Easement at 6:30
A regular meeting of the Elkins City Council will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday May 17,
2012 at the City Administration Building.
1. Call to order
2. Invocation
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Roll Call
5. Approval of 412112 Special Meeting Minutes
6. Approval of 4/19/12 Minutes
6. Department Reports
7. Unfinished Business
8. New Business
a.) Discussion of Yard Sale Permit Ordinance
b.) Donation of Property- Sandra Clegg
c.) Resolution 2012-7 -Capital Plan
d.) Discussion of 4 year Alderman terms- Alderman Miller
9. Committee-of-the-Whole
a.) Election Packets
b.) Code Red
c.) Arvest- Debiting Water Bills/ Direct Deposit
d.) Moving or Cancelling June Council Meeting
e.) Celebration on the River
10. Adjourn